Consult a marriage dissolution and child custody attorney in Oklahoma City, OK

Your emotions may keep you from making a rational decision about your family law issue. Get objective legal advice from William C Bowlby - Attorney at Law, A Professional Corporation. William Bowlby is an experienced marriage dissolution attorney in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He’ll work with you in dissolving your marriage.

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Attorney Bowlby practices in many areas of family law

You can trust attorney Bowlby to provide you with sound legal counsel for your situation. As a child custody attorney in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, he can help you:

Adopt a child.

Attorney Bowlby will walk you through the process of filling out the application, completing your background and reference checks, taking a family assessment and verifying your income.

Determine a child custody arrangement.

In Oklahoma, both parents are equally entitled to physical custody of a child born to both parents during or before the marriage unless a court order is issued.

File for child support.

Attorney Bowlby will assess your finances to determine a fair child support amount.

Establish visitation rights.

Depending on your family’s situation, the court may grant you weekend, holiday or summer visitation rights.

Discuss your situation with a committed child custody attorney. Reach out to attorney Bowlby today to determine your next steps.