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You've tried addressing your issues reasonably with the other parties involved, and that's only made matters worse. Don't stress over your legal dispute-reach out to William C Bowlby - Attorney at Law, A Professional Corporation instead. Attorney Bowlby can represent you in both bench and jury trials in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. As an appeals attorney, he can also appeal your case at the federal and state levels.

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Attorney Bowlby has tried all kinds of bench and jury cases. You can rest assured that he has the skills and experience needed to handle your case. Hire him as your civil litigation attorney to settle disputes involving:

Administrative hearings

Divorce and other family law issues

Bankruptcy cases and lawsuits

Commercial Creditor harassment issues

In Oklahoma, you don't have to prove beyond all doubt that the defendant is guilty-your attorney just needs to demonstrate that the defendant is at least somewhat responsible for your pain or distress. Attorney Bowlby will work hard to find any incriminating evidence that will help your case.

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